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    Crumbling Pavers on Walnut + Main St.

    It’s a no wonder the depth of miss-management of the city’s projects, e.g. the nonexistent Park at Roberts Stadium (empty field), Ford center (rarely used), Casino (a total dump and with a half abandoned property,) 420 Implosion into an unsightly pile, Medical school with seemingly no students, the last 20 years…….. And for the title […]

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    What Morons Will Run For Mayor in Evansville’s 2023 Election?

    After a decade of dereliction and failed to close sales, the turnstiles of idiotically chosen commercial developers, 100’s of thousands of dollars wasted on ‘studies’, the City of Evansville brought in a developer who, at the City’s blessing (The City of Evansville Received $10.5 million in tax credits to implode a tower not worth $5m), […]

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