Crumbling Pavers on Walnut + Main St.

Ford Center
Ford Center 2021

It’s a no wonder the depth of miss-management of the city’s projects, e.g. the nonexistent Park at Roberts Stadium (empty field), Ford center (rarely used), Casino (a total dump and with a half abandoned property,) 420 Implosion into an unsightly pile, Medical school with seemingly no students, the last 20 years……..

And for the title of this post……the brick pavers which were used on Walnut St. between the Double tree and Fourth street, are caving in on themselves after only a handful of years. (see photo below) Bricks paving MAIN Street in downtown evansville are literally rubble in some places, crumbling into sand, pocked with ad-hoc unsightly patches. Dress plaza has turned into a free-for-all dump of unenforced closing times, drugs, fights, and fosters a terrible environment along the river front. Owensboro is running circles around Evansville with their river front, and vibrant downtown.

Bricks crumbling
Broken brick pavers on Walnut st between MLK and 4th st. Aug. 2022

Evansville’s river front after dark is not safe for kids without adults, let alone adults walking alone. There are many drunk, high, and generally unwell looking people roving the greenway along the river, many are juveniles harassing others. Where are the police? Where is the city streets department in keeping up with the crumbling “crown jewel” of Evansville’s downtown? Main St. 

Main St.
Broken brick pavers along Main St. Aug 2022

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